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Elements Women's Travel

Single and Multi-Day Adventures for Women

Elements creates adventures for women in every season.

Adventure is always in season. In British Columbia, the scenic landscape changes dramatically with every season... there is always a new season and another reason to visit.

Our adventures are organized by season and include both single day and multi-day tours. Check back often for new opportunities to... get into your element.

Essential Elements

Single Day Adventures

Treating yourself, exercising your adventurous spirit, willingness to grow, and collective experience are all the elements of these one-day adventures created simply to get women together, socially.

Spring... A Season in Bloom

Multi-Day Adventures

As the days grow longer, Elements reveals a new year of multi-day adventures that will inspire you to come play outside.

Experience Summer

Multi-Day Adventures

It's time to play! Whether you’re interested in kayaking, golfing, beachcombing, wine tasting, surfing, hiking, strolling, scuba diving, visiting festivals, pampering yourself, or simply relaxing, we have a bouquet of multi-day adventures.

This Fall... Add Some Colour

Multi-Day Adventures

Autumn in BC is accented by crisp nights and sparkling days. On Vancouver Island, it’s still time to play in the outdoors. Our Fall multi-day adventures promise to tempt your adventurous spirit.

Winter Wonderland... 'Tis the Season to

Get Away
Multi-Day Adventures

You’ll find great ways to refresh and recharge with Elements. Warm up your winter with a great variety of indoor and outdoor multi-day adventures that await you this winter.

Elements By Design
Single and Multi-Day Adventures

Throughout the year, we’re happy to help you create a special adventure to celebrate milestones and create lasting memories for your group of friends, family or organization. So… let us help you create your own adventure inspired by you to get into your element!