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Elements of Success

We have discovered that it is possible to realize our dreams; as professionals, as friends, as mothers, as family members and as avid adventurers. What sets us apart from our competitors is simply… our commitment to customer service and our relationship with our clients. We know that small and personal is better for guests and good for a community. You have control over your personal experience and you will set the pace in defining your adventure. These are our ELEMENTS of success…


Our Guests

The women who join our trips come from all walks of life, and share a spirit of adventure. As our guest, what matters most to us is that you have the best experience possible. While our levels of skill will vary, what we have in common is a desire to explore.


We welcome all skill levels. All our trips are intended to provide you with the opportunity to participate fully to your level, that’s why we have variety of adventures for you to choose from. We’ve also created a rating system for our trips, to help you pick the right adventure for you.


We’re passionate about what we do – All you require is a sense of adventure.

Experienced Guides

The experience, professionalism and personality of your guides will ultimately make a trip a success. Our experienced guides are certified in their field and know their outdoor skills as second nature, enjoy people, love and respect the environment and keep a constant eye on safety. Our guides assist you to get the most out of your adventure.


We have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. At Elements, we focus on taking the hassles out of travelling so you can focus on the scenes around you.

Small Group Size

We limit the number of guests on our multi-day tours to a maximum of 12. Our guide to client ratio is 1:6. Smaller groups mean that we'll have less impact on the environment and you get more individual attention resulting in a quality experience, and everyone has a chance to get to know each other.


Our meals are the source of a great many compliments from our guests. Using local fruits, vegetables and the freshest ingredients available, we take pride in preparing and serving nutritious and tasty meals. Most dietary restrictions can be happily accommodated with advance notice.


We provide equipment which has proven to aid in your comfort on our journey. Our equipment is of the highest quality and we maintain our equipment in perfect working order.

Natural and Cultural History

Many of our trips reflect a strong interest in wildlife viewing and include personal exposure to a broad range of life experiences. Interpretation is an important part of what we do.


Your safety is our top priority. We are constantly refining our operational procedures and improving our approach to your safety and security. Our guides are highly skilled risk managers who abide by our strict safety procedures. We are proud to hold a safety record of no injuries.

Environmental and Cultural Sensitivity

A major focus of our operations is setting benchmarks in responsible/sustainable tourism. We have strict operational guidelines for our guides to follow. We support a number of environmental organizations and professional associations that aid in the protection of our vulnerable environment. In many ways, our role in helping people celebrate and learn about wilderness and wildlife may be the most powerful contribution we make.

We highly respect the people we meet and ensure our interaction is mutually beneficial. The cornerstone of this ideal is local employment and engaging small local businesses.